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Wood AR 15 Build: Introduction

Wood AR 15 Build: Introduction

Clark Armory is undertaking a new project.  We are building a “Wood” AR-15. No, it isn’t actually going to be made of wood, it is going to be a high end AR-15 featuring handmade wood furniture. The sketch below is the vision of where we are heading:

 Wood AR-15 Sketch

"Wood" AR-15 Sketch. Pretty huh?

Here is the “philosophy of use” (using that term broadly) for the build:

  1. We want to build a quality AR-15 and show that it can be done without an FFL and are therefore starting with an 80% lower. No one in our organization is a gunsmith nor do we have vast experience building rifles. We do however, have a deep appreciation for quality and want to do our best to build a quality rifle.
  2. This rifle will primarily be used for target shooting and as a demo weapon for various types of ammunition. As such, we want it to be approachable for shooters of all ages and sizes, yet capable of performing at very high levels in the hands of an experienced marksman; providing an enjoyable shooting experience for all.
  3. We are unashamed to admit that visual appeal is a key part of this build. There are lighter, stronger and otherwise “better” options for many of the components we have selected for this build. This AR-15 however, is intended to be a piece of high performance, functional "art" and therefore a key factor in our component selection (including the wood) is visual appeal.
  4. The price point of this build is intended to be at the “Mercedes Level” not the “Ferrari Level.” The components we have selected are without a doubt high end, but there is always a higher level. This is important to us because we didn’t want to build a pie-in-the-sky AR-15 that is completely impractical for 99.99% of shooters.

The Wood AR Build is going to be documented in here in detail as it happens. We are not going to be posting all of these articles after the fact. We will write about the each step and component as we are working on it.

The bulk of the first posts are going to be a discussion of individual components and why we selected them. Much research has gone into this project before any components were selected or articles were written and we want to share the brief version of this research with you.

As you can imagine, researching and receiving the components, writing each article, milling the lower, assembling the components, shaping the wood, final assembly and then testing the rifle is going to take some time. So please be patient and stayed tuned for updates. Our goal throughout the build is quality, not speed and at the end of the project we hope this series is something you can draw upon for your future builds.

In full disclosure, many of the components for this project were sponsored by their manufacturers. We did, however, select all the components prior to reaching out to any manufacturers for sponsorship and purchased components that were not sponsored. We did not want this build to be a mashup of sponsored parts, but did want to invite the manufacturers of the products we had selected to be a part of the build.

Table of Contents (links will become live when the articles are published)


The rest of the story of the build will be featured on

The Wood AR-15 Furniture:

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Mark VInyard - November 14, 2016

Just finished a build with many of the same part. I am a fan of the wood to so would be curious if E.O. or BAD would consider any wood for production.

MIchael - August 14, 2016

Great idea! Can’t wait to see the finished product. If it’s coming from Clark Armory, there is no doubt it’ll be high quality!

Clark Armory - August 11, 2016

At this time we are building the Wood AR-15 for sale. With that said, we may consider producing some of the unique components of the rifle for custom orders down the road. As a compete rifle, the Wood AR-15 will fall under all the usual AR-15 laws including manufacturing/transfer laws. Similarly, the components of the rifle will not be considered a firearm.

~Clark Armory

Rob - August 11, 2016

If successful, will these be made to sell? And if so. Does this item fall under any normal manufacturing weapons laws

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