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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   When will my order ship? 

A:  UPDATED 01/10/24:  Orders are processed every day.  Orders can be shipped as fast as 24 hours after being placed but may take up to 5 days based on volume.  We are constantly working to improve our process.  Once your order is ready to ship then you will get an email with tracking information.


Q:  Where is my tracking information?

A:  Once your order has been packaged and a shipping label has been created, you will receive an email with tracking information. We also use a second warehouse to fill orders and those tracking numbers will be sent in a separate email.  Tracking information can take up to 24 hours after an order has shipped to be provided


Q:  I placed an order but how can I get you a copy of my ID / Permit?

A:  Once you get an order confirmation and you live in a state that requires a permit and ID for shipping, just take a picture and reply to the email with your confirmation and attach the pictures.


Q:  Do you ship to a PO Box?

A:  No, we do not ship to a PO box.  If you placed an order with a PO Box it will be held until you are able to provide a residential address.


Q: Do you ship to California?

A:  Yes, we do.  But only to  Type 01, 07 & 10 FFL's.  YOU must have the FFL that you chose email over a copy of their FFL.  The order will not ship until you do so.


Q:  Do you ship outside the U.S?

A:  No, we do not.


Q:  Will you ship to Chicago?

A:  UPDATE 10/2023:  Yes, we can ship to Chicago with a valid FOID card.


Q:  I received my package, but it is damaged, and I am missing product.  What do I do?

A:  Take pictures of the damage to the packaging and contents inside and then contact us through the email.  We will initiate a claim with UPS.


Q:  I placed two separate orders on the same day, can they be combined?

A:  Yes, we will combine the orders and ship them together.


Q:  Is the “XX Product” in stock?

A:  We have updated our site to include products at a second warehouse and some of the time a product will go out of stock before the order can be processed between placing and shipping.  In that case we will offer a replacement item of equal or higher value.


Q:  Where are you Located?

A:  Our office is located in CT.