.30-30 Winchester Ammo

The .30-30 Winchester cartridge (commonly referred to as thirty-thirty) was the first small-bore, sporting rifle cartridge designed for smokeless powder in the United States. The first ".30" refers to the caliber of the bullet, and the added "-30" is for the standard load of 30 grains of early smokeless powder. It was first used in the .30 Winchester Smokeless rifle in 1895 and was designated as the .30-30 when rival gun maker Marlin used the cartridge in its Model 1983 rifle. The .30-30 is a common hunting cartridge and is considered effective on deer and black bear sized game.
Ammunition - Barnes VOR-TX .30-30 Win. 150gr TSX-FN Ammunition

Barnes VOR-TX .30-30 Win. 150gr TSX-FN Ammunition

$ 40.00

BARNES® VOR-TX® Ammunition is precision loaded with the deadliest bullets on the planet. The leader in bullet innovation offers hunters the ultimate in accuracy, terminal performance and handloaded precision in a factory loaded round. The whirling, destructive power™ of Barnes’ all-copper bullet’s PERformance leaves lead-core bullet DEformance ...

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Ammunition - Cor-Bon .30-30 Win. DPX Ammunition

Cor-Bon .30-30 Win. DPX Ammunition

$ 41.00

Cor-Bon DPX® ammunition is a top choice for hunting anything from coyote to buffalo.  The DPX is a 100% copper, high penetration round.  However, do not choose DPX just because it's a lead free hunting load, choose it because it's the best hunting ammo on the market today. It's lead free construction is just an added bonus. This ammo gives you t...

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Ammunition - Remington Hog Hammer .30-30 Win. TSX-BT Ammunition

Remington .30-30 Win. Hog Hammer TSX-BT Ammunition

$ 33.50

Remington Hog Hammer TSX-BT Ammunition is purpose built for whacking swine.  Featuring Barnes TSX Boat Tail Bullets, Hog Hammers penetrate even the thickest-skinned pigs.  With all-copper construction for 28% deeper penetration than standard lead-core bullets, the TSX is the toughest expanding bullet on the market, offering near 100% weight-ret...

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Ammunition - Winchester Super-X Power-Core 95/5 .30-30 Win. Ammunition

Winchester .30-30 Win. Super-X Power-Core 95/5 Ammunition

$ 24.99

Winchester Super-X Power-Core 95/5 .30-30 Win. Ammunition features a 100% copper-alloy hollow point bullet that is engineered to inflict massive damage upon impact and then penetrate deeply.  The Power-Core 95/5 bullet has a boat tail design to increase its accuracy over long-range shots and its copper-alloy retains nearly 100% of its mass afte...

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