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Wood AR 15 Build Stock: B.A.D. Vert Stock

Wood AR 15 Build Stock: B.A.D. Vert Stock

The Stock: B.A.D. Vert Stock, Custom Wood Additions

The skeleton for our adjustable wood stock.

The characteristics of wood mean that it can only be used in certain places on a rifle. We weren’t going to glue wood to the side of the upper or lower receiver just for looks, so we knew that most of the wood on the Wood AR-15 is going to be the fore grip attached to the Fortis Rev II Rail and the stock. Therefore, we needed a stock frame that we could build a wood stock onto.

We wanted the stock to be adjustable and didn’t want to just add a wood veneer to a plastic or aluminum stock. This meant we needed to find a stock that was easy to disassemble (not glued, roll-pined or otherwise “permanently” held together) and reassemble with wood. Under this criteria the PDW-style stocks appeared to be the best option. PDW stocks are adjustable and unlike many other more traditional adjustable stocks, their main bodies (the part that presses against your shoulder) attach to steel rods, not the buffer tube. Additionally, the mechanism for adjusting a PDW-style stock is attached to the rifle, not the main body of the stock; preventing our having to fit wood around the adjustment mechanisms.  

Wood AR-15 Vert Stock

 From the bottom

Of the PDW-style stocks we chose B.A.D.’s Vert Stock for a number of reasons. First, unlike some other PDW options, the Vert doesn’t require the use of a special BCG. Second, it has a full-length cheek rest when extended. We knew we were going to replace the cheek rest, but wanted to see how it fits over the buffer tube so that we can make our wood body function in a similar manner. Third, its steel arms attach to the body of the stock with screws. This will make attaching wood much easier than some of the other stocks that use roll pins. Finally, it is the lightest PDW stock we could find. The wood is going to add weight, so lightening where we can is a plus.


Full Specifications:

Manufacturer: Battle Arms Development

Price: $425.00 (MSRP)

Materials: Aluminum and Steel

Coating: MilSpec Type III Class 2 Hard Anodized Black

Weight: 19.5 oz

Number of Positions: 4

Max Length: 8.75 in

Min Length: 4.75 in

Buffer and Spring: Included

Made in the USA

Wood AR 15 Vert Stock

 The "L" of the back and cheek weld will be replaced with wood

This was one of the handful of products whose manufacturer was unwilling to sponsor for the build... and buying it hurt. It is a very expensive stock. It was however, the best fit for our vision of the rifle and so we knew we couldn’t cut corners.  Check back in to the Wood AR-15 Build to see how we build our wood components on this stock’s frame. The finished stock is going to take the most custom work of all the wood components but will be one of the most iconic aspects of the rifle.

Check out to see how the final wood products.

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