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Wood AR 15 Build Rail: Fortis Rev II MLOK 14"

Wood AR 15 Build Rail: Fortis Rev II MLOK 14"

The Rail: Fortis Rev II MLOK 14" 

It is not easy choosing a rail.

There are more options for AR rails available today than there are for any other component. In addition to protecting the shooter’s hand from barrel heat and mounting accessories, looks matter when it comes to rails. An AR-15’s rail is one of the most visually distinct components and as much as many shooters don’t like to admit it, looks do matter. As mentioned in the Wood AR 15 Build Introduction, we are unashamed to admit that a key consideration for this build is visual appeal.

Wood AR-15 Fortis Rev II MLOK


For this build, beyond looking good, we had a number of “serious” criteria for the rail.

First, it needed to be 14 inches or longer.  Early on we know we weren’t going to be making an SBR so our two options were a 14.5-inch barrel with pinned muzzle device or a 16 inch barrel. Either way, we wanted a rail that would extend the length of the barrel so that we could mount our wood foregrip near the end of the barrel.

Second, it needed to be lightweight. As mentioned in the discussion of the Optic Selection weight was a consideration not because we were trying to break a record, but because the wood is going to add weight. Wherever we can cut weight without losing features, we will.

Third, we only wanted Picatinny on the top of the rail. It will be much easier to attached the wood components to MLOK and our wood foregrip is going to prevent the use of most lights/laser/etc. on the bottom/sides of the rail. If we do decide we need an additional attachment on the rail, we can always add on Picatinny rail sections later. In short MLOK gives us the most options.

Wood AR-15 Fortis Rev II MLOK


Finally, it needed to be free floating. Why? Because why not? These days there are so many great free floating rails and we’ll take whatever actual or psychological accuracy bonus it provides.

Full Specifications:

Manufacturer: Fortis

Price: $239.95 (MSRP)

Length: 14.8 in

Weight: 9.3oz (without standard barrel nut)

Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Picatinny Rail: Full Top

MLOK: Three Sides

 Wood AR-15 Fortis Rev II MLOK

This project will continue for another few more months so stay tuned to the “Wood” AR-15 Build to hear about the next components and see the final product. Then it’ll be range time!

Checkout to see the final build and wood rail panels.

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George Leibengood - August 14, 2016

Gonna be sweet!!

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