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OATH Tango Water Jug Energy Dump

OATH Tango Water Jug Energy Dump

Although not a particularly scientific test, the video below shows what OATH's Tango Ammo does to a water jug in comparison to a standard FMJ.  One preface to this video is that it is done by the manufacturer, OATH Ammunition.  We have nothing against any of our manufacturers but we usually only share videos done by third parties.  We think this helps remove potential biases.

What OATH demonstrates in this video is that their .45 ACP Tango round dumps much more energy into the water jugs than the .45 ACP ball ammo does.  Not surprisingly the ball ammo flies right through the jug and doesn't bother it too much on its way.  The .45 ACP Tango on the other hand, hits the jug and knocks both off the table.

There seem to be as many haters of rounds that quickly dump their energy into a target as there are of deeply penetrating rounds like Lehigh's Xtreme Penetrator.  However, one of the reasons that people love standard hollow points is that they penetrate less than FMJs, make a wider wound cavity and dump their energy into a target, not out the other side. 

Check out the video below to see the test for yourself and Dale Comstock's sweet fu manchu.

Click Here to learn more about OATH's .45 ACP Tango Ammo


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