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Elite Survival Systems Backpacks Now Available

Elite Survival Systems Backpacks Now Available

Elite Survival Systems

We are pleased to announce that we have recently added Elite Survival Systems backpacks to the Clark Armory selection of products!

Elite Survival Systems (ESS) is an American owned and operated manufacturer of extra-tough 1000 denier nylon shooting, hunting, hiking, and survival gear.  Since the 1970's when they first introduced a nylon holster, ESS has continually expanded their product line to serve the outdoor community.  Their backpacks' solid construction makes them ideal for hikers, preppers, operators, students and anyone else who needs one pack to handle whatever they, or Mother Nature, throw at it.

Some of their packs, such as the Stealth Covert Operations, are design with a specific purpose in mind.  The Stealth has a compartment built to store and protect a short or broken down rifle.

Elite Survival Systems Stealth backpack

Others, like the Pulse 24 Hour Backpack, are smaller and more suited for every day use, trips to the range, or to be packed and stage as emergency/bug out bags.

Elite Survival Systems Pulse 24 Hour Backpack

Many of ESS's backpacks have built-in hydration bladder compartments and come with the option of adding a bladder with purchase.  These packs also feature internal and external MOLLE panels so you can arrange your kit the way you like best.  Click HERE to check out all of ESS packs currently available and stay tuned to see when more of their products are available at Clark Armory!

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