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Black Hills Announces Xtreme Defense Ammo

Black Hills Announces Xtreme Defense Ammo

Among the many announcements at the 2016 SHOT Show was Black Hills' announcement that they are working with Lehigh Defense to produce the Black Hills version of Xtreme Defense Ammo.  Thanks to both Lehigh Defense and Underwood, Lehigh's Xtreme Defense bullet is currently available in a variety of pistol calibers and velocities.  With the announcement, Black Hills is throwing their expertise in loading behind the top notch Lehigh projectiles and providing shooters with another set of good options for defensive rounds. 

Black Hills Ammo Logo

At this time Black Hills has stated that their Xtreme Defense will soon be available in .380 Auto and .38 Special but we expect more calibers are in the works.

Black Hills .38 SPL Xtreme Defense AmmoBlack Hills .380 Auto Xtreme Defense Ammo

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