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TFB Gorilla Silverback .45 ACP Ammo Review

TFB Gorilla Silverback .45 ACP Ammo Review

The Firearm Blog has just published its most recent installment in our series of partnered ammo tests and reviews.  This time they compared Gorilla Ammunition's two Silverback .45 ACP rounds, the standard Self Defense .45 ACP and the Subsonic FBI .45 ACP.

TFB Gorilla Ammo Review

They tested the rounds with and without a silencer and showed how they performed side by side.  Like always, they shot the rounds into bare Clear Ballistics gel, through denim, drywall and auto glass. 

The specifications on the two rounds are nearly identical.  The key difference is the bullet design.  Below is a picture that shows the rounds side by side with the Subsonic FBI round on the left and the standard Self Defense round on the right.  One of the biggest takeaways from the test is that even with the similar grain weight and velocities, these rounds perform very differently in the gel.

Gorilla Silverback .45 ACP Ammo

A big thanks once again to the guys at TFB for doing this review (all the images are theirs as well)! 

Click Here to read the full review, and stay tuned to Clark Armory to see the first reviews on the newest ammo!

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