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PolyCase .38 Special ARX Ammo

PolyCase .38 Special ARX Ammo

Mid to late January is an exciting time for the firearms/ammunition/hunting world.  NSSF's annual SHOT SHOW brings all the players of the shooting world to Las Vegas.  At SHOT manufacturers and vendors are able to network, interact, and give attendees the ability to see, touch and shoot products that have yet to hit the market. 

PolyCase Ammo .38 Special ARX

Among the major release announcements at this year's SHOT SHOW, is PolyCase Ammunition's announcement that they have started production on their 2015 Guns and Ammo's Ammo of the Year ARX Self Defense Rounds in .38 Special

The .38 Special ARX features a 77 grain ARX projectile moving at 1116 feet per second and carrying 215 foot pounds of energy.  Check out the .38 Special ARX product page to learn more and be notified when they are available for sale. As always, Clark Armory will be among the first to have them in stock and on their way!

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