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9 Months and Counting...

9 Months and Counting...


I thought that it was about time for another update on how things have been moving along here at Clark Armory.  To start of with I would like to share a blog post that I wrote last November:

" has been live for two months now and what a ride it has been.  We are pleased to announce that in these first two months we have had the opportunity to serve more than 30 customers from 15 different states.  We have grown to feature more than 200 lead-free products from 13 different manufactures and are adding more products every week.
As we reflect, we want to give a big thank you to all the customers who have supported us and the friends and family who continue to spread the word about Clark Armory.
Thank you once again and we look forward to what the future has in store,
~The Clark Team"


Looking back from where we are now makes that post look quaint.  Thanks to all our loyal friends, family customers, and associates Clark Armory has now served nearly 1,000 customers (more than 30 times as many as we had in November) throughout the lower 48 states.  We have become a major online seller of both Lehigh Defense and G2 Research ammunition and continue to be at the forefront of PolyCase Ammunition's internet retail presence. 

Looking forward, we are optimistic about where Clark Armory is heading.  We continue to add products weekly in a never ending effort to be the first company to deliver cutting edge products to our community.  We have recently added Underwood Ammuniton as well as samplings from Fiocchi and Cor-Bon and are always the first to have new PolyCase and G2 Research rounds in stock.  We are also looking forward to featuring Oath Ammo as well as Velocity Tactics products in the coming months.

What started as an idea that we figured might just be worth trying, has evolved into a significant endeavor.  An endeavor that was founded upon the simple idea of providing sportsmen and sportswomen access to the bullets and ammunition they want and need, at unbeatable prices, with the fastest shipping we can provide.


So once again, thank you and God bless,

Sawyer Clark

Founding Owner,




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