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Underwood Xtreme Defender .45 ACP Ammo Review

Underwood Xtreme Defender .45 ACP Ammo Review

Iraqveteran8888 recently published a comprehensive review of Underwood's .45 ACP Xtreme Defender Ammo.  These rounds are the latest offering brought to you by the matching of Lehigh Defense projectiles with Underwood loading.  Based on the Xtreme Penetrator design, the Xtreme Defense bullet (Lehigh's name for the projectile used on Underwood's Xtreme "Defender" Ammo) has a similar cross-head shape with more deeply cut flutes to help draw back penetration.  The Xtreme Defense is also lighter than Xtreme Penetrators of the same caliber.  Weighing in at just 120 grains, it is much lighter than most FMJs and hollow points.

Enjoy the video and let us know in what you think in the comments below: is this a good step forward in ammo technology or not so much...?

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