OATH 12 Gauge Tango Shotgun Ammunition


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Operators American Tactical Hardware (OATH) 12 Gauge Tango Shotgun Ammo is the next step in OATH's line of Tango pistol rounds.  The 602 grain all copper projectile is cased in either a standard plastic or an ultralight aluminum case that eliminates deformation in box magazines.  Traveling at 1,200 feet per second this round carries over 1,900 ft. lbs. of energy and expands up to 3" upon contact.  


This is loaded ammunition.



Caliber: 12 Gauge

Weight: 602 gr.

Bullet: Copper Expanding

Velocity: 1200 fps

Energy: 1925 ft. lbs

Expansion: 3" dia.

Shell Length: 2.75"



Video Transcript:

When we learned that OATH Ammunition was making a 12 gauge version of our favorite defensive ammo, it was all we could do to wait for the development to finish.  It’s here now, a 602 grain expanding slug.  Let’s see how it shoots.

Envisioning this as a defensive round, we tested from 7 yards. A 602 grain bullet hitting at 1224 feet per second yields 2002 foot pounds.  That’s about the same weight as a fully grown grizzly bear.

Penetration was about 10 inches which means there was no risk of over penetration and all 2002 foot pounds were dumped into the target. These rounds may not be cheap but the are devastating.  Just look at the size of the recovered round compared to a quarter, and yes the wadding was also in the ballistics gel.

OATH has once again raised the bar for maximum energy transfer on a soft target.

About the Manufacturer:

Operators American Tactical Hardware (O.A.T.H.) is a company purpose-built to create superior ammo for the military and law enforcement.  O.A.T.H.'s Tango pistol series features copper bullets with an expansion-aiding tip that forces 4-6 petals open upon contact.  For rifles, O.A.T.H. produces lines of both solid copper and brass bullets, spun for superb accuracy.

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