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Lightfield 12 Gauge 2-3/4" Rubber Slug Home Defender Ammunition - 5 Round Box

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Lightfield is the premier manufacturer of shotgun ammunition. While perfecting the sabot slug in the 1970's for the US Marine Corps, they 'set the standard by which all other slugs are judged'. Innovative designs and cutting edge engineering with both lethal and 'less than lethal' shotgun rounds is what Lightfield is all about. Whether you need ammunition for Hunting, Law Enforcement, Pest Control or Home Defense, Lightfield has a round for you.

The Lightfield Home Defender Rubber Slug is a great close range defensive solution as an alternative to a lead or copper projectile. It's intended for serious defensive use and delivers the most kinetic energy of the Lightfield Home Defender loads. It can be deployed as a painful warning shot, but make no mistake, it can also be lethal under certain conditions. The Rubber Slug will hold its velocity and energy over greater distances and the rigid design will not deform on impact, giving it greater penetration potential. The Home Defender line is geared towards 'room distance' encounters but the Home Defender Rubber Slug load is effective at much longer ranges!

Some level of injury can and should be expected! With effects ranging from painful welts or bruising to serious injury or death, penetration of the body is possible at close range. Results will vary based on a variety of factors including the weapon used, distance to target, clothing, body weight and the part of the body hit.
Shots to the lower body or arms and legs are less likely to cause serious injury. Impact to the head, neck, spine and upper chest are more likely to be serious. Shots to parts of the body with large muscle groups, soft tissue or covered by clothing will have a lesser likelihood of penetrating.

The Rubber Slug should only be used in Cylinder or Improved Cylinder-choked rifle barrels only.

Lightfield Home Defender Rubber Slug LHDRS12
12 Gauge
2-3/4" Shell
130 Grain Rubber Slug
Projectile Diameter: .73 Caliber
Muzzle Velocity: 850fps
Muzzle Energy: 130 ft/lbs
Uses: Home Defense, Pest Control