Gorilla .45 ACP Silverback Ammunition


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Gorilla Ammunition's Silverback Self Defense Ammo features patent pending CNC Swiss turned copper projectiles loaded on nickel-coated brass.  Upon impact, the 5 wings of the Silverback's hollow point projectile fold back and expand to approximately three times the bullets original diameter.  This results in a wound channel much larger than the projectile's caliber. These rounds fire their 230 grain bullet at 850 feet per second and feature nearly 100% weight retention in fluid.


This is loaded ammunition.



Caliber: .45 ACP

Weight: 230 gr.

Bullet: Copper Hollow Point

Velocity: 850 fps

Energy: 369 ft. lbs.

Penetration: 9.5 in.



About the Manufacturer:

Gorilla Ammo

Gorilla Ammunition has built its name on quality.  Their loading, ballistic testing and quality control programs result in ammo that performs consistently from shot to shot.  Gorilla produces both new and re-manufactured ammo for a variety of rifle calibers.  Recently they have unveiled their "Silverback" line of copper self defense ammo (including subsonic versions) for the major pistol calibers and .300 Blackout.

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