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Brenneke 16 Slugs 16 ga. 2 1/2 in 1 oz. 5 Round Box

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Brenneke has been a leading manufacturer of shotgun ammunition for over 100 years, designing and developing newer, more accurate rounds for a wide array of needs, whether tactical, hunting or plain old fashion practice at the range. No matter the line, all Brenneke ammo is constructed of the highest quality components and must pass grueling testing before it is made available for sale. Since its start in 1898, the Classic Slug from Brenneke has been performing with the most superior precision and flat trajectories to guarantee a successful hunting trip. This line includes the H-Type disk, which is able to diminish any deformations; additionally a felt wad has been added to ensure a clean barrel shot after shot. Ideally designed for firearms with smoothbore, choked and rifled barrels, this slug is able to create less than a 3" 5-shot pattern at 100 yards. With a velocity of 1350 fps and a muzzle energy of 1686 ft. lbs, hunters can enjoy the accuracy that need for any medium game such as Deer, Wild Boar, and Coyote. Brenneke recommends that hunters use their slugs in modern weapons that are good, current condition and to double check that the firearm being used is a riled or smoothbore barrel and using the appropriate slug.