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Buffalo Bore Ammunition Outdoorsman Strickly Business .40 S&W 200 Gr Hard Cast Flat Nose (HCFN) 20 Per Box

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This 40 s&w outdoorsman is a hard cast flat nose, standard pressure handgun load.It is designed for deep penetration against wild animals where large bones such as a black bears shoulders or skull that may need to be penetrated.This ammunition may also have tactical applications in situations where you may wish to defeat soft cover such as stick frame walls, car doors, windshields, sofas or whatever cover a bad guy may have jumped behind.Specifications: 40 s&w/200 gr hard cast flat nose (hcfn)/20 per box/12 cs

Caliber: 40 S&W
Bullet Type: Hard Cast Flat Nose (HCFN)
Bullet Weight: 200 gr
Muzzle Energy: 444 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity: 1000 fps
Rounds Per Box: 20
Boxes Per Case: 12
Application: Hunting
Casing Material: Brass
Hazair: Yes