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Interview With Black Butterfly Ammo

Interview With Black Butterfly Ammo

It has been awhile since we have added a new ammo manufacturer interview (almost a year) but since we recently brought Black Butterfly Ammo on board, we figured it was time.  Below you will find our Q and A with Nick, the founding owner of Black Butterfly Ammo.

Black Butterfly Ammo

Q. How did Black Butterfly start? Whose idea was it?

A. My older brother and I started Black Butterfly Ammunition as an offshoot of my online retail gun business which also sells ammo. One day while talking, he asked me if I wanted to get into the manufacturing side of the business. My older brother Lenny, who is charge of R&D, has worked for some major industry leaders like Colt, Kahr Arms and Ensign Bickford Aerospace and & Defense. So, working with me was a great way for us to spend some more time together and utilize his 30+ years of industry experience for something we both love.

Q. What would you say are the gaps in the currently available ammunition that Black Butterfly is trying to fill?

A. Quality Ammo at reasonable prices. We wanted to create ammo that the average shooter can shoot without breaking the bank. The calibers we are working with are typically very expensive and we felt we could improve on both the quality and the pricing.

Q. What are Black Butterfly’s goals? Where do you want to be in 5 years?

A. We want to continue to expand into new calibers and slowly grow. We are both extremely conservative and would rather have a smaller offering that is awesome versus churning out a bunch of junk just to sell it.

Q. Which products (currently available or coming soon) are you most excited about?

A. Currently, we have a wide variety of .458 SOCOM loads. We are also considering releasing our first hand gun caliber in late 2016. Like the .458 SOCOM, it’s another big bore caliber. The .458 SOCOM was super fun to work on and we were lucky enough to be involved with CMMG’s new rifle the CMMG Anvil. It was super exciting to see our ammo do so well in the product release reviews.

Black Butterfly .458 SOCOM Ammo

Q. Who would you consider to be your target customer?

A. Our target customer would be anyone who is interested purchasing quality ammo that is fun to shoot. We are not the cheapest in the market place but we feel that our prices are competitive and the quality is excellent.

Q. What else would you like people to know about Black Butterfly Ammunition?

A. We feel it’s more important to enjoy pulling the trigger and hitting the target versus hurting yourself to push the limits of a caliber.


Well said Nick, and thanks for your time. We look forward to seeing what comes next for Black Butterfly! 




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