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Wolf .223 Remington 55gr FMJ Ammunition - 20 Round Box

by Wolf
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This 223 Rem cartridge by Wolf is going to keep your wallet more intact because it features an economical steel shell casing. The casing dons a clear acrylic-polymer coating rather than a lacquer one, so it cycles smoothly without leaving behind a as many undesirable residues. If you tried Wolf’s ammo in the past, please know that they no longer apply red sealant around their casing’s mouth and primer, making it work even cleaner!

This cartridge sports a 55 grain full metal jacket projectile to promote seamless feeding and prevent rapid barrel leading. Note that the bullet’s inner jacket may very well be ferrous, and therefore attract a magnet even after it has been emancipated from its casing. The round’s Berdan primer is yet one more reason you won’t have very much fun with it at a reloading press, but like its propellant it both stores well and sparks nice and cleanly.


223 Remington

Bullet Weight

55 Grain

Bullet Type

Bi-Metal Jacket






Range / Target

Muzzle Velocity

3,241 fps

Muzzle Energy

1,283 ft lbs