Underwood .45 Colt +P Xtreme Penetrator Ammunition


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$ 43.00

Underwood Xtreme Penetrator .45 Colt +P Ammunition combines the best of two worlds: Underwood's power and performance with Lehigh Defense's Xtreme Penetrator Projectiles.  This ammo features Lehigh's 100% solid copper, CNC machined projectile with an increased powder charge given the round more force and penetration on impact.



This is loaded ammunition.



Caliber: .45 Colt (Long Colt) +P

Weight: 250 gr.

Bullet: Xtreme Penetrator

Velocity: 1400 fps

Energy: 1088 ft. lbs.



About the Manufacturer:

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Underwood Ammunition, "Superior High Performance Ammunition." Underwood Ammo is a family owned business started by Kevin Underwood as the result of a lifelong passion of shooting and reloading.  Underwood prides itself on individually inspected, consistent loads. Utilizing some of the best projectiles available from a number of premium bullet manufacturers, Underwood offers a wide range of ammo for hunting, competition shooting and personal defense applications.


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