Team Never Quit 10mm Frangible Hollow Point Ammunition


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Team Never Quit (TNQ) Frangible Hollow Point Ammo is tailor built to hit a target at high speed, immediately deliver all its energy and reduce the risk of ricochet.  TNQ developed these rounds with Marcus Luttrell to embody his, and other operators' theme, of training like you fight.  Loaded with SinterFire projectiles, these rounds mimic the function and recoil of duty hollow point rounds making them an excellent choice for, military, law enforcement, or civilian tactical training. 


This is loaded ammunition.



Caliber: 10mm

Weight: 125 gr.

Velocity: 1450 fps



About the Manufacturer:


Team Never Quit Ammunition is but one part of the greater Team Never Quit organization.  Built by a team of former Navy Seals, including Marcus Luttrell (the Lone Survivor), TNQ's mission is to encourage people to persevere through the toughest situations and never give up hope.  Team Never Quit's ammunition lines are based on the idea of training like you fight.  Their frangible rounds are made to be used for tactical training and function/feel just like their copper hollow point defense rounds.  TNQ's rifle ammunition are built for accuracy and terminal performance at any range.


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