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TB Ammunition: .45 ACP GPM ft. Quadra-Shock™ Technology

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Announcing the new lead-free, high-performance GPM Quadra-Shock™ ammunition! GPM Quadra-Shock™ offers all the performance of existing non-frangible duty/sporting rounds but at a value-level price. Presently, market leaders in this market category offer bullets of varying hardness and density. TB Ammunition sells for 30-65% less than the leader with lower pressures and almost no copper fouling.

TB Ammunition’s Quadra-Shock™ is all about performance and value. Some manufacturers are priced up to 300% more than similar Quadra-Shock™ rounds. TB Ammo’s patent pending components deliver competition-like performance and consistency; which is exactly what you would expect from the world leader in lead-free ammunition projectiles.

Caliber Weight Velocity
45 ACP 150gr 1200 FPS