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Speer Lawman Training RHT .40 S&W 125 gr SinterFire Frangible 50 Per Box

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Original price $ 39.16
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Current price $ 40.99
Speer lawman is extremely reliable, with feel and point of aim that's as close as possible to comparable defense loads.Each load features reloadable brass and a speer tmj bullet with a jacket that encapsulates the entire lead core for clean, consistent performance.Rht ammunition features lead-free bullets that crumble into very small pieces when they hit a metal backstop.These precision-formed bullets are made of sintered powdered copper that's compressed under heat and pressure to form a bullet.Sintered technology means there's no separate jacket that can produce sharp fragments on impact.The tip of each rht bullet is distinctively marked so range officers can easily tell it from conventional ammunition.

Caliber: 40 S&W
Bullet Type: SinterFire Frangible
Bullet Weight: 125 gr
Rounds Per Box: 50
Boxes Per Case: 20
Application: Target
Casing Material: Brass
Hazair: Yes