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SinterFire 5.56 NATO 55gr Ammunition - 250 Round Box

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SinterFire® (SF) frangible projectiles are designed to minimize the environmental hazards associated with the use of lead bullets. They are ideal for close quarter training due to elimination of splash back and ricochets that are typical of conventional lead bullets.

The SF rifle bullet is designed to break up into small pieces upon impact with AR500 hardened steel or other materials that are harder than the projectile itself. The projectile is not jacketed or plated. The copper/tin material is non-hazardous and recyclable, which allows for less expensive range operation. The consistent uniformity of the SF projectile gives these bullets exceptional accuracy, reliable functioning and the same felt recoil as conventional projectiles.

Frangible RHA

Physical Description

  • Bullet: 55 grain SF copper/tin projectile

  • Primer: NATO #41

  • Cartridge case: Lake City Pull Down

  • Powder: O.E.M. non-canister

  • Assembly: Newly manufactured / Lake City 5.56 pull down brass. Conforms to SAAMI/ANSI standards

  • Velocity: 3,350 fps.* nominal in 24 in. SAAMI test barrel

  • Bullet Breakup: Largest particle not to exceed 5% of bullet weight

  • Maximum Range: 4850 ft. maximum horizontal range

    Features and Benefits

  • Lead-free frangible bullets

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

  • Reduced risk of ricochet and splash back

  • Cost effective with less steel damage and reduced range cleaning/operating costs

  • Transparent to traditional lead ammunition with same felt recoil, accuracy and reliable functioning