Ruger .38 Spl. ARX Ammunition


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***NOTE: This Product has been rebranded as Inceptor ARX. Please find the new product here: Inceptor .38 Spl. ARX Ammunition

Ruger Self Defense ARX Ammunition combines PolyCase's innovative ARX bullets with the reliability of one of the most trusted firearms manufacturers around.  The performance of PolyCase's ARX bullet caught the eye of Sturm, Ruger & Co. and convinced them to use it as the projectile for their new line of self-defense rounds.

The ARX is a polymer/copper projectile that is designed to maintain its integrity as it travels down the barrel and strikes soft targets, but fractures when it hits hard targets such as steel plates or building materials to minimize unwanted collateral damage.  The ARX bullet is injection-molded to create its unique shape that, upon impact causes a forceful redirection of energy and creates enormous trauma and tissue damage.


This is loaded ammunition.



Caliber: .38 Special

Weight: 77 gr

Bullet: ARX

Velocity: 1116 fps 

Energy: 213 ft. lbs.




About the Manufacturer:

Ruger ARX Ammo

Ruger has been a household name of the American firearms industry for more than 60 years.  Over the nearly 7 decades they have been in business, Ruger has produced a wide variety of rifles, revolvers and semi-auto pistols.  Not the least of which is the popular LCP and LC9 series of subcompact pistols.  In 2015, for the first time in the company's history, Ruger has released Ruger-branded ammo; the ARX.  Ruger's ARX Ammunition utilizes PolyCase's ARX projectile, which is built to penetrate deeply and transfer rotational energy into fluid.  This deep penetration and additional energy transfer combine to create a devastating wound channel.


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