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Remington UMC .38 Super +P 130gr FMJ Ammunition - 50 Round Box

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The Remington UMC .38 Super +P is a high-quality cartridge designed specifically for unmatched reliability at a good price point, making it one of the best training ammunitions on the market. These rounds offer a 130 grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) with a brass casing making it a reliable training round. The Remington Range .38 Super +P 130 grain is non-corrosive, factory new ammunition and the product of 140 years of innovation and manufacturing excellence. The Remington name is synonymous with a long history of making top quality, clean burning ammunition and this ammo continues that tradition. Remington offers performance and reputation and is a safe and reliable round. If you are looking for an affordable, clean burning cartridge for the range that is reliable and accurate then the Remington UMC .38 Super +P 130 grain is a great option.


  • .38 Super +P
  • Box of 50
  • 130 grain
  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Brass casing
  • Lead core