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Remington .308 Win. Hog Hammer TSX-BT Ammunition

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Remington Hog Hammer TSX-BT Ammunition is purpose built for whacking swine.  Featuring Barnes TSX Boat Tail Bullets, Hog Hammers penetrate even the thickest-skinned pigs.  With all-copper construction for 28% deeper penetration than standard lead-core bullets, the TSX is the toughest expanding bullet on the market, offering near 100% weight-retention while expanding rapidly to deliver devastating wound channels.  The Hog Hammer line utilizes a flash-suppressed propellant for nighttime or low light hunts, and uses nickel-plated cases for reliable feeding in today's hog rifles. 


This is loaded ammunition.



Caliber: .308 Winchester

Weight: 168 gr.

Bullet: TSX Boat Tail

Velocity: 2750 fps

Energy: 2822 ft. lbs.