PolyCase Inceptor 9mm Inceptor Combo Pack Ammunition


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PolyCase's Inceptor Combo Packs provide the shooter with both training and defensive rounds.  Each pack contains 100 Rounds of Sport Utility Ammo for training and 25 rounds of Inceptor ARX ammo for defense. The similar bullet composition, weight, recoil and velocity of the Sport Utility and ARX rounds means that you can train with the more affordable Sport Utility rounds and have the confidence that the ARXs will shoot and feel nearly identical. As with all of PolyCase's bullets, both the Sport Utilities and the ARXs are non-expanding, injection molded projectiles formed by a copper-polymer composite built for high speeds and low recoil.

This is loaded ammunition.



Caliber: 9mm Luger (ARX is +P)

Weight: 65 gr. (Sport Utility RNP), 80 gr. (ARX) 

Bullet: Copper-Polymer RNP, Copper-Polymer ARX

Velocity: 1525 fps (Sport Utility RNP), 1445 fps (ARX) 

Energy: 336 ft. lbs. (Sport Utility RNP), 371 ft. lbs. (ARX) 



About the Manufacturer:

PolyCase Ammunition was founded on the idea of incorporating polymers into the components of ammunition.  As their name suggests, their flagship product is polymer-cased ammo that weights significantly less than brass or nickel-cased rounds.  PolyCase's currently available Inceptor line includes their self-defense ARX round, Firefly Tracer round and a standard Round Nose Point.  All of PolyCase's projectiles are injection molded from a copper-polymer mix and are lighter than comparable lead rounds.

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