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NovX Ammunition Combo Pack Engagement Extreme Self-Defense 9mm Luger +P 65 Grain ARX and Cross Trainer/Competition 65 Grain RNP +P Lead-Free

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$ 53.99

The NovX Combo Pack offers the convenience of purchasing recoil and performance matched RNP training ammunition with a box of the award-winning ARX non-expanding polymer-copper matrix cartridges, at a competitive price. Law enforcement, tactical professionals, and those seeking the highest level of performance for self-defense will find the patent-pending combination of the NovX stainless steel case and poly/copper matrix projective delivers more power, more velocity, greater accuracy, less recoil, and more devastating terminal performance than ever thought possible.

 When it comes to training and competitive shooting no bullet compares the NovX Cross Trainer/Competition. Lightweight, fast, accurate, and less recoil for quicker follow-ups. The copper polymer projectile is fangible and breaks apart upon contact with hardened steel thereby reducing the chance of ricochet. It’s also lead-free for compliance at ranges.

 The NovX SST NAS3 Stainless Steel shell casing is paired to a primer pocket constructed of 7078 hardened aircraft quality aluminum plated with nickel. The NAS3 stainless steel casing, far superior to extruded brass, provides strength, weight, dimension and alignment. For shooters this means unparalleled power, higher velocity, greater efficiency, cycling, and accuracy, reduced weight, reduced bore fouling and corrosion, and increased reloads.

    Type Velocity Weight  Energy
    ARX 1800 FPS 65gr 468 ft-lbs
    RNP 1800 FPS 65 gr 468 ft-lbs