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Norma .300 Norma Mag 230gr Berger Diamond Line Match Ammunition -20 Round Box

by Norma
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The 300 Norma Magnum represents Norma's pursuit of perfection in accuracy. It builds on our legacy with the 308 Norma Mag designed in the 1960's. The 300 NM is one of the most capable long range precision cartridges on the planet, capable of staying super-sonic well beyond 1000 meters. The superior balistics of the 300 Norma Mag. make this cartridge an excellent candidate for long range hunting as well, as the energy delivered at great distances is significant enough to take down even large game.

The Hybrid bullet combines the best of both worlds combining a tangent and secant to give that when coupled with a boat tail design reduces drag and gives the bullet a more aerodynamic profile helping to achieve a higher ballistic coefficient, flatter trajectory and less wind drift.This Bullet is commonly used for target practice and competitions due to its reliable and consistent trajectory.




300 Norma Magnum


Hybrid Target Match

Bullet Weight

230 Grain

Bullet Type

Hollow Point

Case Type


Rounds Per Box

20 Rounds Per Box

Boxes Per Case

10 Boxes Per Case

Muzzle Velocity

2985 FPS