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Lightfield 12 Gauge 2-3/4" Extended Range Rubber Slug Ammunition - 5 Round Box

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Lightfield is the premier manufacturer of shotgun ammunition. While perfecting the sabot slug in the 1970's for the US Marine Corps, they 'set the standard by which all other slugs are judged'. Innovative designs and cutting edge engineering with both lethal and 'less than lethal' shotgun rounds is what Lightfield is all about. Whether you need ammunition for Hunting, Law Enforcement, Pest Control or Home Defense, Lightfield has a round for you.

The Extended Range Rubber Slug is designed to deliver higher levels of kinetic energy at greater range than any other similar load available on the market today. Using the same patented design as the Lightfield mid-range slug, this load permits aversive conditioning at longer distances well beyond the norm. It provides enough kinetic energy to move large animals at greater distance, to keep you and those you love safe. The Extended Range Rubber Slug is colored Blue for easier identification.

The Extended Range Rubber Slug should only be used in Cylinder or Improved Cylinder-choked rifle barrels only.

Lightfield Extended Range Rubber Slug ACWXR12
12 Gauge
2-3/4" Shell
Rubber Slug
Muzzle Velocity: 600 fps
Uses: Pest, Predator, and Wildlife Control