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Liberty Ammunition 9mm +P 50gr Ultra Light Hollow Point Ammunition - 20 Round Box

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Liberty Ultra Light Hollow Point Defense 9mm +P ammunition features a nickel-plated, hollow point bullet traveling at high speed. The 50 grain lead-free bullet travels at 2,000 feet per second and is designed to transfer maximum energy on impact. Much like the Civil Defense, this cutting edge self defense ammunition delivers extended range, beyond the “normal” 10 - 15 meters. Liberty's light 50 grain bullets provide three times the terminal effects with a dramatic reduction in felt recoil allowing for quicker follow up shots on target.

This is loaded ammunition.


Caliber: 9mm Luger +P

Weight: 50 gr.

Bullet: Fragmenting Hollow Point

Velocity: 2000 fps

Energy: 444 ft. lbs.