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Kershaw Magnesium Fire Starter 1019X

by Kershaw
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The Kershaw Fire Starter is a great camping tool. Its magnesium steel 1.75 inch striker ensures sparks fly with every hit. Weighing only 1.1 oz., this tool is perfect for your pocket or key chain. Good for approximately 3000 strikes, it will ignite in rain or snow. Works as a signaling device. It also produces a spark reaching a temperature of 3000ºC.

1. Take a small quantity of DRY grass, wood shavings, or other flammable materials and build into a small pile.
2. While holding the Magnesium shaft close to the pile, draw the striker down the shaft at a right angle. This will produce hot sparks which will light any dry flammable material.
3. As the fire becomes established, build-up the pile with slightly larger material until the fire is at the desired size.


  • Brand:Kershaw
  • Height:2.00"
  • Width:0.18"
  • Weight:1.00 oz.
  • Color:Red
  • Model:Fire Starter
  • Model Number:1019X
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Product Type:Firestarter