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Inceptor .50 Beowulf Preferred Hunting ARX Ammunition

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Inceptor's award winning Inceptor ARX ammo is now available in .50 Beowulf. The ARX is designed to transfer maximum energy to target by a hydrodynamic ram effect. The unique shape of the ARX bullet enhances the surface area and exploits the rotational force of the bullet, resulting in a self-defense round that is engineered to perform. Inceptor's ARX sits in a magazine and feeds just like a round nose, with stopping power and terminal performance that exceeds most expanding handgun bullets. The ARX is loaded to SAAMI specifications and achieves higher velocities than any bullet in its class. Inceptor ARX copper-matrix bullets penetrate soft targets and barriers including non-hardened 1/16" steel without deformation or degradation in terminal performance.

This is loaded ammunition.


Caliber: .50 Beowulf

Weight: 200 gr

Bullet: ARX

Velocity: 2500 fps

Energy: 2776 ft. lbs.