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ICC .45 GAP 155gr Green Elite Flat Point Training Ammunition - 50 Round Box

by ICC
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International has developed a Frangible Lead-Free Duty Flat Point. This ammunition is designed to create a safer more effective training round for today’s law enforcement and for personal self protection. Conventional lead based duty rounds expand creating only one wound channel. International Cartridge’s Green Elite FP training fragments and creates several wound channels giving a better chance for one shot stop. Additionally, Green Elite FP training fragmentation properties significantly reduce the potential for damage/injury from ricochet. Additionally, the lower weight of the rounds lead to a lighter carry weapon.


* Retail box may vary

Grain Weight: 155 Grains

Projectile: Flat Point

F/Ps: 1,150

Ft/Lbs: 454

Brass: New

Primer: Lead Free