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ICC .357 Sig 100gr Duty & Defense HP Ammunition - 50 Round Box

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ICC Duty & Defense Ammunition meets and exceeds the FBI protocol. Upon impact, it is designed to deliver the maximum payload possible in a 360 degree pattern of fragmented stopping power. The projectile's base then continues into the target achieving the desired penetration necessary for astounding performance required for both defense and duty. This means more stopping power on target with larger temporary stretch and permanent cavities. If this projectile strikes a hard surface or misses the intended target, the shooter has a safety net of frangible characteristics and the bullet begins the total fragmenting process of turning into minuscule particles, greatly reducing the possibility of incident from ricochet. Couple the high performance with the safety net of frangible characteristics and you’ve got an unbeatable self defense load. 

This is loaded ammunition. 

Retail Package May Vary


Weight: 100 gr.

Bullet: Frangible Hollow Point

Velocity: 1500 fps

Energy: 500 ft. lbs.

50/ Box