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HSM .280 Rem 162gr Tipping Point Super Shock Ammunition - 20 Round Box

by HSM
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HSM .280 Rem Tipping Point SST ammunition is a type of hunting ammunition designed for use in firearms chambered in .280 Remington. This ammunition features a polymer-tipped Hornady SST bullet that is designed for controlled expansion and maximum energy transfer upon impact with the target. The Tipping Point SST bullet design incorporates a streamlined profile and a polymer tip that initiates expansion upon impact, creating a larger wound channel and transferring more energy to the target. The bullets are loaded with a consistent powder charge and primer, ensuring reliable performance and consistent accuracy.

Brand HSM
Category Centerfire Rifle Rounds
Series Super Shock Tip
Model Tipping Point
Caliber .280 Rem
Rounds Per Box 20
Casing Material Brass
Muzzle Velocity 2700 fps
Boxes Per Case 20
Bullet Type Hornady SST
Bullet Weight 162 gr
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