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GECO 9mm Luger 124gr Red Zone JHP - 20 Round Box

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With over 100 years of ammunition manufacturing experience many of the best shooters in the world use Geco ammunition. With an old school methodology of creating great high quality ammo for an economically attractive price, Geco has a modernized view on what ammo needs will be in the future. All Geco ammunition is made with high quality components including non-corrosive boxer primers, virgin brand new never fired brass casings, permitting for it to be reloaded numerous times, for those that choose to reload. Geco creates a wide variety of ammunition for sporting and competition needs; the ultimate go to for range shooters all the way to hunters and competitive shooters. With state of the art technologies, innovative design, and exacting quality controls, this is one of the most reliable, match grade cartridges for discerning shooters. Target shooters can always depend on the cartridge's perfect functioning, consistent performance, and fantastic precision. Geco manufactures some of the best precision crafted ammunition on the market today.

Combines aggressive terminal affect and low risk of over penetration.

Optimized short barreled 9 mm Luger pistols.

Best performance in a velocity range between 1000 to 1159 ft/s.







Bullet Weight

124 Grain

Bullet Type

Jacketed Hollow Point



Case Type


Rounds Per Box

20 Rounds Per Box

Boxes Per Case

30 Boxes Per Case

Muzzle Energy

388 ft lbs

Muzzle Velocity

1188 fps