GBW Cartridge .357 Mag. Legend Pro Ammunition


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Available in both rifle and pistol calibers, GBW Cartridge's Legend Pro Ammunition combines solid copper hollow point bullets with match grade accuracy. Loaded in GBW's new Legend Brass, these rounds are made to be extremely reliable. The copper hollow point bullets expand upon impact and pass through fluid with early  100% weight retention. This weight retention enables deep penetration that is key for hunting and defense applications.



Caliber: .357 Magnum

Weight: 125 gr.

Bullet: Copper Hollow Point

Velocity: 1350 fps

Energy: 506 ft. lbs.



About the Manufacturer:

GBW Cartridge

Based in Venice, Florida GBW Cartridge is committed to producing American made performance-grade ammo. Their initial release of four lines of ammunition cover a range of applications including: reduced hazard training with the Pro Trainer frangible line, affordable lead-free target shooting with the Legend Basic line, cowboy action shooting with the Gunslinger line, and self defense and hunting with the Legend Pro line.



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