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G2 Research 9mm Civic Duty Ammunition

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G2 Research (G2R) Civic Duty Ammunition features a similar design to the world famous G2R R.I.P. Ammunition but with a heavier bullet, built to not break apart. The Civic Duty has a similar 100% copper petaled-trocar bullet that expands to more than 2.5 times its initial diameter upon entering fluid. During expansion, the trocars peel back increasing the size of the wound channel. The open trocars hold together around the base of the projectile and transfer all of the bullet's energy into the target. The Civic Duty's solid copper design also ensures total weight retention in fluid.

This is loaded ammunition.


Bullet: Civic Duty Hollow Point


Caliber .380 Auto 9MM Luger .45 ACP
Weight Coming Soon 94 gr 164 gr
Velocity Coming Soon 1100 fps 950 fps
Energy Coming Soon 253 ft lbs 329 ft lbs
Penetration Coming Soon 9-10" 6-8"

About the Manufacturer:

G2 Research made big waves in the personal defense world when it released its Radically Invasive Projectile (R.I.P.) in the major pistol calibers. The R.I.P. utilized a solid copper fragmenting hollow point design to cause massive trauma in the first 12" of penetration. More recently, G2 Research has applied their R.I.P. concept to their "Rip Out" and "Trident" rifle rounds as well as their Civic Duty pistol ammo.