G2 Research 38 Spl Telos Ammunition


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$ 21.00

The G2 Research Telos is a solid copper, precision machined fragmenting projectile.  Designed to break apart upon entering soft targets.  Originally created for use in revolvers, the Telos proved to be so effective that the technology has also been expanded to semi-automatic calibers.  The Telos is one of the most affordable solid copper lead free options on the market.


This is loaded ammunition.


Caliber: 38 Special

Weight: 105 gr.

Bullet: Solid Copper/ Lead Free

Velocity: 1170 fps

Energy:  ft. lbs.

Penetration: 10" +

Wound Channels: 7



About the Manufacturer:

G2 Research made big waves in the personal defense world when it released its Radically Invasive Projectile (R.I.P.) in the major pistol calibers.  The R.I.P. utilized a solid copper fragmenting hollow point design to cause massive trauma in the first 12" of penetration.  More recently, G2 Research has applied their R.I.P. concept to their "Rip Out" and "Trident" rifle rounds as well as their Civic Duty pistol ammo. 

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