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G2 Research 12 Gauge, 2.75" 122 Grain RIP Brass Slug 5 Round Box

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With an optimum effective range of zero to ten yards, the G2 Research Radically Invasive Projectile, (R.I.P.) solid brass slug, with five segmenting trocars, is designed to stop an attacker quickly and efficiently. Upon contact with a target the five trocars break off creating 5 wound channels while the base slug portion continues to penetrate into the target. The 12 Guage base slug penetration is 14"-16" and the trocars penetrate 9"-11" with a 4"-6" spread. Due to the solid brass construction of the projectile, the R.I.P. Shotgun slug can only be used in shotguns with a smooth, cylinder bore.

Features :
  • 12 Guage
  • ,Base Penetration: 14-16+";"Trocar Penetration: 9-11"+"
  • "Trocar Spread: 4-6+";"5 Fragments plus Slug, 6 Total,
  • Solid Brass Projectile, Lead Free
  • Smoothbore Only
  • Not for use in Modified Barrel
  • Not for use with Choke
  • Cylinder Bore ONLY!
  • Designed For Self Defense