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Fort Scott Munitions .38 Spl +P TUI™ 81Gr Handgun Ammunition - 20 Round Box

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Unbelievable Terminal Performance and Accuracy

  • Multi-Patented, Tumble Upon Impact™ design
  • Superior penetration
  • Non lead, SCS® (solid copper spun) bullet
  • The Fort Scott Munitions™ 38 Special +P TUI™ ammo is a match grade round designed for use in self defense. This round is made to be fired from concealed carry revolvers and thru bolt action rifles. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR TUBULAR MAGAZINE USAGE! With its Tumble Upon Impact™ design, you get a devastating wound cavity without sacrificing accuracy or penetration.

    Outstanding Performance
    Each projectile is precisely machined out of quality copper bar stock and loaded with the utmost care to give you match grade quality in a round designed for personal defense. Our loading process gives our ammunition some of the tightest tolerances in the industry, in turn giving you some of the most accurate self defense rounds on the market.

    Conceal Carry
    This round can be used in small, easy to hide guns that are perfect for conceal carry. The 38 Special +P TUI™ is easy to shoot and great for both men and women. It is great to use in double action concealed carry revolvers due to its light recoil and enables you to quickly get back on your target.

    Full-Force Home Security
    Our 38 Special +P ammunition is the only choice when the need arises for a show stopping round. The Tumble Upon Impact™ design leaves a devastating wound cavity created from the high degree of energy transfer, and the soft tissue/organ trauma will debilitate an intruder. That coupled with some of the tightest tolerances in the industry makes Fort Scott Munitions™ .38 Special +P TUI™ a bad guy's worst nightmare.

    WARNING Do not engage targets on or near hard to clean surfaces.