Fort Scott Munitions 10MM TUI™ - 124Gr Handgun Ammo

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Unbelievable Terminal Performance and Accuracy 

    • Multi-Patented, Tumble Upon Impact™ design
    • Superior penetration
    • Non lead, SCS® (solid copper spun) bullet
  • Fort Scott Munitions’™ 10MM TUI™ ammo is a match grade handgun ammunition that is designed to be extremely accurate at high velocities. The unique, patented design of our 10MM TUI™ pistol ammunition penetrates targets deeply and leaves behind a devastating dynamic wound cavity. 

    Accurate Performance
    This fast and accurate 124-grain bullet gives you superior accuracy in a faster bullet. Each solid copper projectile is CNC machined and rigorously tested to produce some of the tightest tolerances on the market. Our rounds are carefully loaded and tested to give our customers match grade quality in a self defense ammunition. 

    Powerful Defense Ammo
    Whether you're trekking through bear country or cruising through the bad parts of town, FSM® 10mm TUI™ is an ideal choice for self-defense. Capitalizing on the advantages of the powerful 10mm cartridge, our multi-patented Tumble Upon Impact™ design creates massive amounts of damage due to hydro-static shock upon entry into soft tissue. The energy released by our tumbling bullets is enough to disrupt organs and body rhythms while also mitigating the risks of over-penetration. 

    Full-Force Law Enforcement
    The pinpoint accuracy and terminal performance of 10MM TUI™ Handgun Ammo makes it a great option for modern law enforcement and security work. Each 124-grain bullet is constructed using only the highest-quality components, making this the match grade ammo you need when dependable performance is vital. In situations where lives are on the line, you can draw your weapon with complete confidence, knowing that your skills will not be compromised by your ammunition.

    WARNING Do not engage targets on or near hard to clean surfaces.

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