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Federal .30 Super Carry 100gr Premium HST Jacketed Hollow Point Ammunition - 20 Round Box

by Federal
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For nearly a century Federal Ammunition has put its focus on manufacturing quality products with cutting edge technology. This dedication to excellence has given Federal a competitive edge as an ammunition technology giant. Today the company is well known for producing high grade centerfire, rimfire, and shotshell ammunition that shooters everywhere know and trust. New to the market, Federal HST 30 Super Carry 100gr JHP ammunition is an intermediate centerfire self-defense load, designed to deliver exceptional stopping power and consistent field performance, while simultaneously maximizing your carry capacity thanks to its smaller shell diameter.

This centerfire pistol ammo features clean-burning powders and non-corrosive primers, loaded in select brass casings for exceptionally smooth feeding and ejection performance, while the patented HST bullet design delivers reliable expansion and deep penetration for superior lethality, while clean-burning powders and low-flash propellants suppress muzzle flash for improved self-defense performance in fast-action environments. The 30 Super Carry's slimmed-down dimensions result in a simple physical truth. A magazine the size of your standard 9mm Luger pistol's will carry additional rounds — two more in initially available handgun models.

UPC 604544669961
Manufacturer FEDERAL AMMO
Bullet Type Jacketed Hollow Point
Muzzle Velocity fps
Muzzle Energy ft. lbs
Primer Boxer
Casing Nickel-Plated Brass Casing
Ammo Rating Self Defense 38 Super Carry Ammo