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Federal 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 00 9 Pellet Buckshot Ammunition - 25 Round Box

by Federal
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Ballisticlean Frangible 12 Gauge from Federal is a 2-3/4 inches 00 Buckshot round with 9 pellets. This shotgun ammo features toxic-metal free primer and non-toxic projectiles that eliminate hazardous lead and barrel fouling. This Ballisticlean round uses only the cleanest powders and allows for a reliable and clean shot. BallistiClean RHT includes a frangible RHT bullets that break-up instantaneously on contact with metal targets, pointedly minimizing ricochet and backsplash hazards. BallistiClean loads consist of a copper-plated primer and an "NT" (non-toxic) head stamp to clearly classify, making it an ideal choice for indoor range use. Ballisticlean ammo is a great choice for shooting in any area where lead and barrel fouling is a concern, or when a lead free round is preferred. Ballisticlean Frangible ammo is packaged in boxes of 25 rounds and cases of 250 rounds. Free shipping is available on bulk case orders of this Federal 12 Gauge ammunition.


Manufacturer: Federal
Model Number: BC13200
Ammo Round Count: 25/Box
Caliber Multi: 12 Ga
Application: Target, Practice
Shot Length: 2-3/4"
Shot Size: 00
Series/Collection: BallistiClean
Shot Type: Buckshot
Shot Weight: 9 Pellets