DRT .40 S&W Terminal Shock Ammunition


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Dynamic Research Technologies' .40 S&W Terminal Shock Ammo's light 105 grain bullet ensures quicker follow up shots due to light recoil without sacrificing stopping power.  Terminal Shock technology is designed to transfer 100% of the 105 grain bullet’s energy into the target, providing maximum stopping power as quickly as possible.  The jacket on these fragmenting rounds allow them to pass through plywood, car doors and sheet rock without losing all of their energy.  They penetrate up to 11 inches with a 3 inch wound cavity.


This is loaded ammunition.



Caliber: .40 S&W

Weight: 105 gr.

Bullet: Jacketed Hollow Point

Velocity: 1386 fps

Energy: 457 ft. lbs.

Penetration: 11 in.




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