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DRT 40 S&W Terminal Shock 105gr Jacketed Hollow Point - 20 rounds

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If you shoot 40 caliber Smith and Wesson the DRT 105 grain Hollow Point Flat Based (HPFB) bullet is for you. We kept it a light projectile for the caliber for good reason - it simply does not need to be heavier to cause catastrophic damage to the intended target. The 105 grain weight also ensures quicker follow up shots due to light recoil from our projectile. The core’s composition is a matrix of non-lead metals that completely fragments when it hits organic tissue or something harder than itself. It will penetrate bone and muscle and then start to fragment about 1-2” into organic matter. The 40 caliber bullet will penetrate soft barriers like sheetrock, plywood, car doors, and windshields. Bottom line, utilizing the DRT Terminal Shock technology, you don’t need a heavier bullet to inflict damage to the target. The technology is designed to transfer 100% of the bullets energy into the target, providing maximum stopping power as quick as possible.

  • Bullet Weight and type105gr Jacketed Hollow Point
  • Caliber40 S&W
  • Energy457 FPE
  • Powder BrandTen Ring
  • Powder Charge6.8
  • Powder TypeTR-535
  • Velocity1386 FPS