Crossfire .40 S&W Black Max Ammunition


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$ 32.10

Crossfire’s Black Max Ammunition features General Bullets' high speed solid copper projectiles in the same black oxide cases used for the infamous Black Talon rounds. The Black Max series for both handguns and rifles are built to not break up at any speed, and travel straight through barriers such as car doors, windshields, or plywood.  


This is loaded ammunition.



Caliber: .40 S&W

Weight: 140 gr.

Velocity: 1140 fps



About the Manufacturer:

Crossfire Ammo

Crossfire Ammunition's products include both factory reloads and factory new ammo.  Crossfire is one of the few ammo manufacturers today who use Black Oxide Brass on their premium self defense line, the Black Max.  Their product lines feature a variety of projectiles including: standard bonded hollow points, solid copper hollow points and frangible.




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