Cor-Bon 9mm +P DPX Ammunition


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Cor-Bon DPX® Handgun ammunition is one of the premier choices in today's defensive ammunition market. The DPX is a 100% copper “Barrier blind” round.  That means it performs outstandingly well after penetrating a heavy barrier like auto glass or steel.  In place of traditional external serrations, internal serration cuts have been added. These internal serration cuts allow the copper bullet to fully expand making the bullet double diameter with 6 razor sharp pedals


This is loaded ammunition.



Caliber: 9mm Luger +P

Weight: 115 gr.

Bullet: Deep Penetrating X-panding

Velocity: 1275 fps

Energy: 415 ft. lbs.

Penetration: up to 18 in.



About the Manufacturer:

Cor-Bon Ammo Logo

For more than 30 years COR®BON has been providing the self defense, competition, hunting, law enforcement, and military communities with quality ammunition.  COR®BON is proud to be family owned and operated in the United States and takes pride in consistent quality over "flashy-ness."  They rely on their rigorous ammo testing and quality control to ensure the customer gets only the very best products.  


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